Drew Estates Liga Undercrown

Undercrown was created at the rolling tables by Drew Estate’s best rollers – not in a board room or meeting. The story goes as such: the rollers loved the original Liga Privada No. 9 blend so much that it was all they ever smoked. While most would consider that a ringing endorsement, Drew Estate was worried about the availability of the tobaccos. The primings used for the No. 9 aren’t easy to come by so the rollers had to quit smoking them – sort of. The rollers improvised and used different primings of the same tobacco to make a new blend they too could enjoy. This new blend went over just as well as the No. 9 and Liga Privada Undercrown was born.

Differing from the No. 9 wrapper, Undercrown is graced with a dark brown San Andres maduro wrapper. The San Andres wrapper adds some spice to the blend and makes its presence known in the onset of the cigar. The blend develops nicely with flavors of espresso and cashews. Undercrown comes off as a medium-bodied cigar that packs a ton of flavor. Perfect for every cigar enthusiast.


Undercrown Tubo



Undercrown Tin