Drew Estates Acid

Acid cigars are made by hand in Nicaragua by Drew Estate, using all natural materials only. Each acid cigar has a distinct flavor and bouquet, pleasing to the senses of the palate and spirit. the Acid line is unique in that the tobaccos are cured in a large room called the cuarto armatico (aroma room) for several months prior to being rolled into one of the many Acid sizes. This room is lined with well over two hundred assorted herbs, botanicals and essential oils that create the very unique tastes in the Acid line. Each Acid Cigar has a distinct flavor and bouquet, pleasing to the senses, palate and spirit.

Acid Atom Maduro

Following the Cold Infusion Tea and the Earthiness The Atom Maduro is the third installment (outside of the Krush tins) to the ACID gold line. Drew Estate is good at keeping the oils, herbs, and botanicals they use on their infused blends a secret so its no surprise the the Atom Maduro has none listed whatsoever although, they’ve been said to contain high fruit flavors as well as Floral.

Acid Big Bang

Acid Blondie

Twenty minutes of sweet, followed by a robust climatic finish.  Passionate notes of honey & cream make this one of their most popular tastes and sizes. 40 per box.


C-Notes were developed to raise a lot of eyebrows in a mere 20 minutes. The taste is rich, but the cigar is overall light to medium bodied. Packed in bunches of 5, there are more than enough C-Notes to pass around to your friends.

Acid Cold Infusion Tea

This cigar resounds of peach pie and the aroma of fresh cut pine on a crisp spring day.  Newcomers to the Acid line are particularly fond of the Tea’s smoothness. With a smooth Connecticut Shade wrapper your sure to like it. Boxes of 24.

Acid Deep Dish

The NEWEST Release in the Famed Acid “Blue” line. This amazing box-pressed cigar will ignited your palate with the most incredible, delicious flavors. Famous for its mellow rich flavors, sweet tastes and captivating aromas, Drew Estate’s Acid Blue line holds within it the cigars most widely desired by Acid aficionados.


Acid Earthiness

Earthiness is unquestionably the fullest bodied cigar in the entire Acid line. It finishes with a hint of white pepper. Only a handful of Anglos have been permitted to enter the small, temple-like factory where ACID Cigars are created. But you can taste this gift from mother earth today by the stick or box of 24.

Acid Kuba Kuba

Acid Kuba Kuba Natural cigars were the first ACID cigars instantly embraced by the country, and still the best-selling cigar in their ‘blue label’ series. Wrapped in a dark, oily and virtually seamless Sumatra wrapper, Kuba Kuba is the most aromatic of ACID cigars and among the most flavorful, too.

Kuba Green


The Acid Kuba Deluxe

A new version of an old favorite, the Kuba Deluxe is a different take on the ever popular Kuba Kuba. It is a longer smoke, and it comes packed in tubes for gift giving or storage. Packed 10 to a box or individually. This cigar was released at the IPCPR show in New Orleans in 2009. It is the big brother to the infamous Acid Kuba Kuba in the blue line of cigars made by Drew Estates. This cigar is much like the regular kuba kuba, but it has a beautiful maduro or natural wrapper.


Acid Kuba Grande

Acid Extra Ordinary Larry

Initial rose-like qualities appear on the light of this cigar, followed by a second layer of sweet spice. Because of it’s critical mass, there are more botanicals infused in Larry than any other Acid size. One of our favorites and soon to be one of yours. Packed 10 to a box.

Acid Liquid

This is a mild to medium bodied smoke that offers hints of roasted nuts as well as a magical array of spices and botanicals. Liquid is a clean burning cigar with a autumn fireplace’s toasty finish. Packed 24 to the box.

Acid Nasty

Acid One

This is the only non-aromatic cigar in the Acid line. The wrapper leaf has been cask cured in red wines & sangria from Nicaragua, Chile, Italy, France and California for a three month organic fermentation process. In a small town in northern Nicaragua called Lei Mei, special indigenous Sangria is made twice per year in preparation for the most important holidays. Drew Estate has been fortunate enough to reproduce the mixture (with local help) in quantities sufficient for roughly 300 boxes of Acid One per month with 24 to the box.


Acid Roam

This is the creamiest cigar in the world! The wrapper is oak cask cured for 150 days prior to rolling. Roam is extremely smooth with a light floral aroma and a relaxing finish. We’re sure your going to like it. They like to roam together in a box of 10 sticks.


Acid Waffe

This new model is quite a treat. The new Acid Waffe size is quite different from anything you’ve smoked, even in a line that sets the standard for groundbreaking cigars. The unique, flat shape of this cigar is going to give you a huge burst of flavor with every draw. Sweet as a summer breeze with a spicy after glow. Packed to travel 28 in a box.

Acid Subculture Toast

This Acid (Toast) is only made for 20 stores nation wide its a 6×50 size.


Acid Krush

No time to smoke a full cigar? NO WORRIES! Grab yourself one of the Acid Krush Classic Tins and fill your 10 minute breaks with something exciting! Available alone or in a tin of 10.



Acid 1400cc

This is a super-charged robusto with all of it’s aromatic qualities sealed under glass. One of the mildest Acid cigars, the 1400cc sports serious floral and herbal qualities.