CLE Cigars

  • Unhinged


    Cedar chocolate and sweet coffeeWRAPPER: Connecticut Broadleaf

  • Eiroa Dark 50x5

    Eiroa Dark 50x5

    A rich creamy smoke with notes of leather chocolate and pepperWRAPPER: Corojo

  • Habano 444

    Habano 444

    Short and zesty earth and spicesWRAPPER: Habano

  • Habano 505

    Habano 505

    Earth and spice from select Habano wrapperWRAPPER: Habano

  • Habano 546

    Habano 546

    A delightful expression of earth and spiceWRAPPER: Habano

  • Mayhem


    A creamy balance of a complex spicesWRAPPER: Corojo

  • 99 problems

    99 problems

    Rich black tobacco with espresso beanWRAPPER: Nicaraguan Habano

  • CLE 50x5

    CLE 50x5

    Roasted coffee earthy black pepper smooth finishWRAPPER: Corojo

  • CLE 40x4

    CLE 40x4

    Earthy coffee with notes of black pepper and roasted nutsWRAPPER: Corojo

  • CLE Corojo Eleven/Eighteen

    CLE Corojo Eleven/Eighteen

    A refreshing citrus and rich tobacco core with a full flavor WRAPPER: Corojo

  • Medulla Oblongata  6x52 Conn

    Medulla Oblongata 6x52 Conn

    An espresso leathery earth with hints of spiceWRAPPER: Corojo

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