Drew Estate

Esteli, Nicaragua

The Drew Estates Factory in Esteli cranks out some of the worlds best tasting cigars available today. From the aromatic powerhouse that is Acid cigars, to the latest classic Chateau Real, they have something to fit every pallet and pocketbook.

  • Negra Tabak Tin

    Negra Tabak Tin

    A dark rich roast coffee infusion with luscious Nicaraguan TobaccosWRAPPER: Maduro

  • Waffe


    A super thin sweet cigar with sin and herbal oil allowing a pleasant aromatic note.WRAPPER: Sumatra

  • Blondie Blue

    Blondie Blue

    The original small infused petite corona with 180 different again oilsWRAPPER: Connecticut Shade

  • Swamp Thang Robusto

    Swamp Thang Robusto

    An American fire cured leave light pepper grass and bbq across the palateWRAPPER: Candela

  • Plush


    From hybrid pools and botanical infusion it has a light floral aroma and creaminessWRAPPER: US Co...

  • Blondie Green

    Blondie Green

    A candela blondie allows the sin and herbals oils making way to a delightful creamWRAPPER: Candela

  • Blondie Red

    Blondie Red

    A petite corona with botanicals with thorns roses and suchWRAPPER: Cameroon

  • Papas Fritas

    Papas Fritas

    Sweet coco leather and earth WRAPPER: Connecticut Broadleaf Oscuro

  • Blue Connecticut Tins

    Blue Connecticut Tins

    A 4x32 sapped cigar infused with wonderful asian and herbal oilsWRAPPER: Connecticut Shade

  • 1400 CC

    1400 CC

    Creamy aromatic and sweet in a glass tube.WRAPPER: Connecticut Shade

  • Krush Tin

    Krush Tin

    WRAPPER: Green Candela, Yellow Sumatra, Purple Nicaraugan, Red Cameroon, Blue Connecticut Shade

  • Kuba Kuba Green

    Kuba Kuba Green

    A candela wrapper with 180 different asian herbal oils infused very aroticWRAPPER: Candela

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