Drew Estate

Esteli, Nicaragua

The Drew Estates Factory in Esteli cranks out some of the worlds best tasting cigars available today. From the aromatic powerhouse that is Acid cigars, to the latest classic Chateau Real, they have something to fit every pallet and pocketbook.

  • Dirty Rat

    Dirty Rat

    An array of complex spices dark chocolate and cedarWRAPPER: Connecticut Broadleaf Oscuro

  • Liga Petite Corona #9

    Liga Petite Corona #9

    A full bodied peppy mix of toast cofee and chocolaty finishWRAPPER: Connecticut Broadleaf Oscuro

  • Liga Belicosa #9

    Liga Belicosa #9

    A complex bouquet that leaves the palate full of coif toast and chocolate rounding out with sweet...

  • Liga Corona Viva #9

    Liga Corona Viva #9

    A 45 minute smoke that caresses the palate with coffee pepper leather and cedar WRAPPER: Connecti...

  • Liga Short Pantela #9

    Liga Short Pantela #9

    An impassioned explosion of black pepper earth leather and cedarWRAPPER: Connecticut Broadleaf Os...

  • Liga Corona Doble T52

    Liga Corona Doble T52

    A soft yet strong layering of leather spices and earth notes that leave the palate satisfied.WRAP...

  • Liga Petite Corona T52

    Liga Petite Corona T52

    Strong and powerful creamy flavors of wood expresso that linger with spices on the plateWRAPPER: ...

  • Clean Robusto

    Clean Robusto

    This medium bodied Summatran wrapped cigar is distinctive from the extra fermented tobaccos that ...

  • Undercrown Maduro Corona Viva

    Undercrown Maduro Corona Viva

    An intense spicy sweet smoke.WRAPPER: Maduro

  • Undercrown Maduro Churchill

    Undercrown Maduro Churchill

    A medium bodied sweet spiced hint of earth.WRAPPER: Maduro

  • Undercrown Maduro Corona Double

    Undercrown Maduro Corona Double

    A big soft creamy natural sweet spice.WRAPPER: Maduro

  • Undercrown Maduro Belicosa

    Undercrown Maduro Belicosa

    A more intense medium cigar with sweet earth tones.WRAPPER: Maduro

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