J.C. Newman

  • Churhill Natural

    Churhill Natural

    An earthy cedary peppery cigarWRAPPER: Nicaraguan Habano

  • Mighty Might Natural

    Mighty Might Natural

    a smooth and toasty earth with pepper and coffeeWRAPPER: Nicaraguan Habano

  • Mighty Might Maduro

    Mighty Might Maduro

    a bold expression of deep cocoa and sweet earthWRAPPER: Brazilian

  • Toro Natural

    Toro Natural

    Coffee cedar and earth with sweet pepperWRAPPER: Nicaraguan Habano

  • Toro Maduro

    Toro Maduro

    Sweet light pepper with cocoa notesWRAPPER: Brazilian

  • Robusto Natural

    Robusto Natural

    A bold and full bodied flavor of earth coco and sweetnessWRAPPER: Nicaraguan Habano

  • Robusto Maduro

    Robusto Maduro

    Notes of sweet coco with spice WRAPPER: Brazilian