• 26 #9 Maduro

    26 #9 Maduro

    Cedar and pepper with hints of vanilla and creams that linger softly WRAPPER: Nicarugan

  • 64 Presidente

    64 Presidente

    A rich tobacco taste that is sweet with flavors of silk cream and nuttiness WRAPPER: Maduro

  • Londres Natural

    Londres Natural

    Medium to full bodied cigar aged 2 years that has a profile of coffee, toast, cocoWRAPPER: Natura...

  • Family Reserve 85th yr

    Family Reserve 85th yr

    Flavors of leather oak and dark chocolate give way to sweetness and spice that lay soft across th...

  • Family Reserve 44 yr

    Family Reserve 44 yr

    This tapered torpedo magnifies the nuts chocolates and coffee notesWRAPPER: Maduro

  • 64 Principe Maduro

    64 Principe Maduro

    toasty sweet expressive earthy smoke with a coco finishWRAPPER: Maduro

  • 64 Hermoso

    64 Hermoso

    A sprinkle of black pepper coco takes on a silkiness of creams and coffee WRAPPER: Maduro

  • Padron 2000 Maduro

    Padron 2000 Maduro

    Earthy display of cocoa, nutmeg and coffee. WRAPPER: Maduro

  • Delicias Natural

    Delicias Natural

    Roasted nuts, cocoa a distinct pepper and a woodsy finishWRAPPER: Natural NIcarugan

  • Padron 1926 #4

    Padron 1926 #4

    Cocco, Espresso, earthy spice.WRAPPER: Maduro

  • 26 Torpedo

    26 Torpedo

    Heavy chocolate with earthy spices.  WRAPPER: Maduro

  • Family Reserve 45 yr

    Family Reserve 45 yr

    The #45 is jammed with rich and hearty coffee notes and spices that create an intense smoke that ...