• 64 Exclusivo Natural

    64 Exclusivo Natural

    Hints of vanilla cedar and pepper with silky aftertaste WRAPPER: Natural NIcarugan

  • 64 Toro Natural

    64 Toro Natural

    For less than 100 cigar stores in the country its silky notes of coffee coco and nutmegWRAPPER: N...

  • 64 Superior

    64 Superior

    A smooth earth coco laced with coffee and nuttinessWRAPPER: Maduro

  • 64 Principe Maduro

    64 Principe Maduro

    toasty sweet expressive earthy smoke with a coco finishWRAPPER: Maduro

  • 64 Principe Natural

    64 Principe Natural

    The complement of coco nuts and some pepper that has a delicate short finish.lWRAPPER: Natural NI...

  • 64 Soberano

    64 Soberano

    a big short smoke that is rich in coffee and chocolate tones.WRAPPER: Maduro

  • 64 Hermoso

    64 Hermoso

    A sprinkle of black pepper coco takes on a silkiness of creams and coffee WRAPPER: Maduro

  • 64 #4

    64 #4

    Silky complex profile of earth and hazelnut aged 4 yearsWRAPPER: Maduro

  • 6000 Maduro

    6000 Maduro

    A classic torpedo that intensified the espresso earth and spice from the lush Nicaraguan tobaccos...

  • 5000 Maduro

    5000 Maduro

    Aged 3 years this madero expresses an array of chocolate, nut and caramel tones WRAPPER: Maduro

  • 4000 Maduro

    4000 Maduro

    Soft expression of coffee coco and toastWRAPPER: Maduro

  • 3000 Maduro

    3000 Maduro

    Nutmeg, spice, coffee bean and caramelWRAPPER: Maduro