Southern Draw

  • Quickdraw Conn

    Quickdraw Conn

    A sweet cream with a hint of cedar spice.WRAPPER: Connecticut Broadleaf

  • Cedrus Robusto

    Cedrus Robusto

    Cedar aromas that caress the palate with nutmeg and cloveWRAPPER: Besuki Indeonisa

  • Cedrus Lancero

    Cedrus Lancero

    An intense wood, cedar, spice. WRAPPER: Indonesian Besuzi

  • Quickdraw Penn

    Quickdraw Penn

    A full bodied into black pepper coffee and woodsy notes.WRAPPER: Pennsylvania

  • Quickdraw Habano

    Quickdraw Habano

    A natural sweetness with hints of espresso.WRAPPER: Habano

  • Firethorn Lancero

    Firethorn Lancero

    A fuller earthier charred taste of sweet toffy and baking spices.WRAPPER: Habano Rosado Equador

  • Firethorn Toro

    Firethorn Toro

    A medium bodied experience with aerobatic cedar, toffy and spices.WRAPPER: Habano Rosado Equador

  • Firethorn Robusto

    Firethorn Robusto

    A heavy and pleasant aroma that allows the earthy and sweet toffy notes in a full bodied format.W...

  • Firethorn Perfecto

    Firethorn Perfecto

    Aeromatic cedar, sweet toffy with baking spices.WRAPPER: Habano Rosado Equador

  • Rose of Sharon Lancero

    Rose of Sharon Lancero

    A truly perfect smoke that is encased in a grahm cracker toasted nuts with caramel and spice.WRAP...

  • Rose of Sharon Toro

    Rose of Sharon Toro

    A sweet spice with graham cracker and nutty notes.WRAPPER: Connecticut Equador

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