• Colecciones Robusto Packs

    Colecciones Robusto Packs

    Havana VI, Cazador, Black, Cabaiguan, Nuevitas Jibaro, Fausto Robusto Exclusivos

  • Surrogates 6 Pack

    Surrogates 6 Pack

    Skull Breaker, Crystal Baller, Tramp Stamp, Animal Cracker, Satin Glove, 7th Sam Robusto sampler.

  • Cabiguan #54

    Cabiguan #54

    Smooth cedar and leather.WRAPPER: Ecuadorian

  • Cabiguan #52

    Cabiguan #52

    Smooth cedar and leather.WRAPPER: Ecuadorian

  • AKC


    Intense pepper, cocoa, and leather with a bite.WRAPPER:  San Andres

  • Cojonu 2012 Broadleaf

    Cojonu 2012 Broadleaf

    Strong cocoa and pepper.WRAPPER: Equadorian Habano

  • The Face Lancero

    The Face Lancero

    A rich spicy chocolaty sweet with Nicaraguan fillers.WRAPPER: Mexican San Andres

  • Negociant Monopole #1

    Negociant Monopole #1

    Hint of pepper, sweet cedar, coffee and nuts.WRAPPER: Equador

  • Negociant Monopole #4

    Negociant Monopole #4

    A medium to full smoke with soft flavors of nuts, spice and a peppy zestWRAPPER: Equador

  • Le Verite L'Esprit Robusto

    Le Verite L'Esprit Robusto

    Connecticut BroadleafWRAPPER: Nicaraugan

  • La Verite Churchill

    La Verite Churchill

    Roasted almonds, oak and coffee with a spicy sweetness.WRAPPER: Nicaraugan

  • TAA 50th

    TAA 50th

    Earthy, bitter with a touch of sweetness.WRAPPER: Broadleaf Oscuro