• Chubby Monster

    Chubby Monster

    Ecuadorian Rothchild with Nicaraguan filler and binder.WRAPPER: Equadorian

  • The Tiff Lancero

    The Tiff Lancero

    A mello sweet cream leather and a plethera of cedarWRAPPER: Equadorian Connecticut

  • The Chuck Lancero

    The Chuck Lancero

    Equadorian Habano over Nicarauan filler and binder.WRAPPER: Equadorian Habano

  • The Hyde Lancero

    The Hyde Lancero

    Equadorian Sumatra wrapper covering rich filler and binder from Nicaragua.WRAPPER: Equadorian Sum...

  • The Jekyll Lancero

    The Jekyll Lancero

    Equadorian sancti wrapper over rich Nicaraugan binders and fillers.WRAPPER: Equadorian Sancti

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