Drew Estate

Esteli, Nicaragua

The Drew Estates Factory in Esteli cranks out some of the worlds best tasting cigars available today. From the aromatic powerhouse that is Acid cigars, to the latest classic Chateau Real, they have something to fit every pallet and pocketbook.

  • Sweet Jane

    Sweet Jane

    The original and best selling sweet cigar. WRAPPER: Connecticut Broadleaf

  • Fat Bottom Betty Robusto

    Fat Bottom Betty Robusto

    Jane’s bolder sized, but mild tasting sister. WRAPPER: Broadleaf

  • Crazy Alice

    Crazy Alice

    The spicier and more unpredictably shaped younger sister. WRAPPER: Broadleaf

  • Baby Jane Tin

    Baby Jane Tin

    Our most famous sweet cigar in a smaller 10 count 4x32 cigarillo.WRAPPER: Maduro

  • Fat Bottom Betty Toro

    Fat Bottom Betty Toro

    Jane’s bigger, bolder sized, but mild tasting sister.WRAPPER: Broadleaf

  • Sweet Jane Lonsdale

    Sweet Jane Lonsdale

    All the taste of Sweet Jane in a Lonsdale format.

  • Sweet Jane Muertos

    Sweet Jane Muertos

    The lounge edition of the original and most infamous of the sisters.   WRAPPER: Broadleaf

  • Fat Bottom Betty Gordo

    Fat Bottom Betty Gordo

    Jane’s bigger, bolder sized, but mild tasting sister.WRAPPER: Broadleaf

  • Juicy Lucy

    Juicy Lucy

    A small cigar with a caramel macchiato taste.WRAPPER: Maduro

  • Kuba Kuba Maduro

    Kuba Kuba Maduro

    The original Kuba Kuba using a broadleaf wrapper allows a natural sweet aromatic smokeWRAPPER: Co...

  • Big Bang

    Big Bang

    This exclusive cigar is for only 70 accounts int eh country and is roasted marshmallow on steroid...

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