Meet the Staff


Deadwood Employee “Preacher&rdqu;

A former clergy-man, Ethan enjoys cigar smoking, motorcycle riding, drums, art, and photography.

Wild Bill

Deadwood Staff "Wild Bill"

Marine, Tobacconist, gun lover, & motorcycle rider with a unique way of expressing stories. Ask him about his favorite pairings and how to truly experience the love of smoking cigars.


Deadwood Staff “Stash”

Behind the stash lies a 22 year retired navy veteran. Stash loves coffee, beer, cigars, exotic birds, and lives in a historic house on the edge of town. Don't wash his coffee cup.


Newest member of the team, and also the tallest.  Scribe, podcaster, producer, sommelier.


She may be small and skinny, but she's strong.  Professional welder, collector of bones, master bartender.