• Tramp Stamp

    Tramp Stamp

    A dash of spice with coffee, leather, and cedarWRAPPER: Equadorian Habano Oscuro

  • Monster Karloff

    Monster Karloff

    Cocoa, black pepper, caramel, and raisins.WRAPPER: Ecuadorian Sumatra

  • The Wolfman Lancero

    The Wolfman Lancero

    Full bodied notes of earth, spice and coco.WRAPPER: Equador Sumatra

  • TAA 51st

    TAA 51st

    Nuts, bitter coffee and chocolate with spicy notes.WRAPPER: San Andres Mexican

  • Black Label Lancero

    Black Label Lancero

    A complex array of chocolate and sweet caramel.WRAPPER: Nicaraugan

  • Skull Breaker

    Skull Breaker

    Rich cocoa, leather and espresso with an underlining of black pepper.WRAPPER: Broadleaf

  • 8 Baller

    8 Baller

    Zesty notes of pepper and coco that is medium to full bodied.WRAPPER: USA Connecticut Broadleaf

  • Crystal Baller

    Crystal Baller

    Natural sweetness with cedar and a coco finishWRAPPER: Equadorian Habano

  • Satin Glove

    Satin Glove

    A box press with pepper coco and a spicy finish.WRAPPER: Mexican San Andres

  • The Mummy Lancero

    The Mummy Lancero

    A medium with nuance of earth and peppery spice.WRAPPER: Nicaraguan Criiollo

  • The Drac Lancero

    The Drac Lancero

    A medium to full smoke with soft earth and light coffee.WRAPPER: Habano

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